The UPS Store OLA

I worked with a team at Doner to create some banners for the UPS Store advertising their online print services. Rather than just show some products and have an offer hover over them, we designed the copy to look like it was printed on various materials available from UPS printing while also showcasing some of their design templates.

We built out 8 different banner sizes, an e-mail hero image, an animated GIF, and a webtile. Each design was unique to its dimensions. We also created a “Final Days of Sale” version for each of the eleven pieces.



Hero image used for an e-blast



Standard Web Banners


TUPSS300          TUPSS300FD





TUPSS160          TUPSS160FD



Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 2.10.12 PM (2)

Homepage Webtile

Creative Directors: Tim Sharp, Rich Toltzman

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