When I was a teenager, I saw a History Channel-type documentary about USOs—unidentified submerged objects, or flying saucers that came from out of the ocean rather than down from the sky. Since octopuses are so freakishly smart, I thought that if anyone was flying these crafts, it would be them. I’ve maintained this for-entertainment-purposes-only conspiracy theory for well over a decade now and decided it would be fun to draw out.

But first I had to figure out why they were flying the USOs. Long story short, the octopuses have set up base on Jupiter’s ocean moon Europa. The octopus king believes they unfairly lost to humans as Earth’s dominant species and has his henchmen encourage bad habits among humans to speed up global warming and flood the planet in an effort to skew the general habitat towards one that would support the likes of eight-legged invertebrates, allowing them to take over.

Part- fake conspiracy theory zine/tabloid and part- comic book, I spent roughly two years crafting this 30-page book. It may just be my magnum opus.















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