Hi, I’m Haley, and I want to make cool stuff.


Still my most talked about piece to date,
“We Aer Wicheg Tagr Gam” circa 1994.

I’m an art director and illustrator based in Detroit. I’ve worked with clients ranging from Chevrolet and Stellantis (FCA) to Live Nation and lululemon, and have even designed a handful of books in between.

When I was a baby, I would wake up in the middle of the night and cry for my “colors” until my parents came to get me out of bed and set me down with crayons and a coloring book for a while.

That passion to create has continued to burn my entire life. I am a graduate of the College for Creative Studies (BFA illustration, minor in graphic design) and now have a career in advertising. I love both the story telling and problem solving aspects of the field. I love to learn, research, and be challenged on a daily basis. I love having the ability to switch styles and audiences with each client.

More than anything, I love to make cool stuff. I love to have fun and connect with people.

If you’re interested in working together on something cool, let’s get in contact!